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User centric mobile UI designs starts by a thorough learning about your users, objectives and competitors. It sets the foundation for strategy, design, content and information architecture. At the discovery stage we help you discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations. We at LeapTech Systems will help you identify a strategy to support your customer expectations and your business goals.

Wireframing & Designing

Through wireframing we ensure that the visual structure and information presented on a design is intuitive and co-related with existing users. The wireframe is further transformed into designs which is the best way to visualize data and UI structures along with features. It enables effective communication between your team and your customer and serves as the best possible interacting point for the prospects

User testing & validation
Based on the goals set at the start of the process, we help you to establish KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for your product. At the user testing stage we actually test that the interface that is created will work with real world audience or not? The user testing phase involves additional rounds of discovery, design and development if required until a seamless user experience is achieved.

Integration support
LeapTech Systems provides enough time to our clients to discover any imperfection. We provide technical support and assistance during back-end integration to help make you completely worry-free. Also, we extend generous after sales services to our valued customers.

When considering the development of an app, certain doubts arise regarding which platform to use. In this case, the development of apps using Android platform is the safest bet. Are you interested in structuring custom UI design for your android app? We have been working for many years in the design and development of applications. We know all the advantages of creating an app on this platform.

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